Winterizing an Evinrude E-Tec Outboard (Binnacle or Concealed Side Mount Controls)

Etec1This is available online in a few different forms. But like my camper winterizing article, I just want somewhere to display it quickly and simply. It’s just easier.

So I have an Evinrude E-Tec 115 Pontoon series outboard motor on my boat. It is crazy easy to winterize (if you remember the steps). If your mind is a little foggy, as mine is sometimes after fishing, you may forget. I do from time to time. Truth is, it is easy enough that I should do it every time the night lows get even close to 5 degrees celsius. I usually do this on the trailer with a water hose. You can do it at the docks too, but I don’t bother making people wait when I could do this at home. Anyways enough. Here it is.

Etec21. Make sure the area around the prop is clear. Kids are inside. The motor should remain in idle but I won’t take chances.

2. Hook up the earmuffs to the intakes on the lower and turn the hose on all the way.

3. Walking back, I check there is water flow to the intakes and climb up on the boat.

Etec34. Press the BRP symbol on the throttle (or advance the high idle lever if you have one) and then advance the throttle 1/2 the way.

5. Turn the key to start the motor. After the self check the lights will turn on. After 15 seconds the lights will turn off.

Etec46. Move the throttle to idle. The lights will turn back on. Wait another 15 seconds and the lights will turn off again.

Etec57. Push in the BRP symbol on the throttle again (or advance the high idle lever if you have one) and advance the throttle to 1/2 again. The lights will flash and the the outboard will run at fast idle and begin to fog itself.

8. After a minute or so, the motor will shut itself off. Turn the key off, turn the water off, and remove the earmuffs from the outboard. I usually tip the motor all the way down to make sure there is no water left in there. That’s it! another simple Winterizing task archived for next year. Fucking winter.



2017 end of file.